The Word in html (RSV)


A Java enabled browser is required to run the Bible. It has been tested in Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0, and Netscape 4.0. The Bible itself runs in Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0, but the search applet does not work properly. It may, or may not work in other Java enabled browsers, but if you are running an oddball browser such as Hot Java, or the AOL browser, you may be out of luck. No HTML presentation can work well in all browsers when using Java and Javascript, because they all have thier own ideas about how Java works. So, I focused on the Browsers 99 % of the people on the internet use. Internet Explorer, and Netscape are both free downloads, and this Bible is not nearly the only thing you will miss out on if you don't have one of them, so please download one of them.


To use the bible, select a book from the drop-down list in the upper left corner. Click the display button.

In the upper right corner, a listing of the chapters in that book will appear. Select a chapter, and click the display button, and that chapter will appear in the center frame.

To search a key word or phrase:

In the lower frame are 3 search buttons which launch yet another popup window. The first searches the entire Bible (this takes a while), the second searches only the Old Testament, and the third searches only the New Testament. You can only have one search window open at one time. In the popup window you will find a search applet which will locate any word, combination of words, or phrase. Originally, the search applet itself was located in the Bible's lower frame, but I felt it took up too much viewing area that way. Choose "any word," or "all the words" if you are looking for just one word or group of words in no particular order. Enter the word into the text box and click the search button. Links will appear in the applet. Double click any of them, and the chapter you select will appear in the center frame of the Bible. Once you have located the document(s) containing the word(s) you are looking for, you will want to find that word's location within that page. In Netscape, left click in the main Bible viewing frame. Then, select the "edit" menu at the top. Then select "find in frame." In Internet Explorer you do the same except you choose "find on this page."

My goals here are;

1, To provide a FREE, easy to use, less confusing, and fun way to read the Bible over the internet.

2, To initiate online Bible studies, and encourage people to spend more of thier online time devoted to God, and fellowshiping with other Christians, in an atmosphere inspired by C. S. Lewis' concept of "Mere Christianity."

3, To find a way to use a lot more of my own online time to serve God.

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Obviously, I did not write the Bible, so feel free to dowload the individual Bible pages and do as you wish with them.  However, I put a great deal of work into the interface of this particular Bible, and the html coding, so if you want to publish it somewhere more or less intact, I expect you to:
A; Leave this intro page completely intact.
B; You may freely distribute the Bible to anyone, but do NOT charge money for copies of it, nor password protect any documents leading up to it on a website.